Boks smart lockers can now manage order returns

The Boks intelligent locker system adds another string to its bow, by now taking over the return of parcels. Drop boxes can be transformed into relay points!

Boks Parcel Boxes have gained a new feature that should come in handy as the holiday season approaches, and with it a number of products to return! Order returns are indeed commonplace, for all kinds of reasons: wrong color, wrong size, disappointing quality, etc.

Lockers that act as relay points

The new habits taken during confinements have exploded online orders, used by 50 million French people. You should know that more than 10% of orders return to the sender. The procedure is binding each time, you have to go to La Poste or a Point Relais, whose opening hours do not necessarily match your availability.

This is where the parcel return function developed by Boks comes in. The user who is lucky enough to benefit from a connected locker near his home has two possibilities to return an order: generate a shipping code from the mobile application which will then create an opening code for the Boks at destination of the delivery person. This is in the case where it is necessary to purchase and complete a return label on the carrier’s website.

The other method allows return planning using the return label provided by the merchant site. All you have to do is enter the Colissimo return number in the application, which then makes an appointment with the postman and transmits all the withdrawal information to La Poste. All you have to do is place the package in the locker.

The Boks, which are available in several formats depending on the homes, are instructions that do not need to be connected to the sector (their battery gives an autonomy of two to three years) or to the Internet: they simply embed a chip Bluetooth, which allows them to communicate with a smartphone. A numeric keypad is used to enter the unlock codes generated by the application.

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