Boulanger breaks the price of the Dyson V10 Orign (-23%)!

Boulanger is offering a promotion on the famous Dyson V10 Origin with a 23% discount, a price rarely seen.

The English brand Dyson is now a market leader in bagless and cordless stick vacuum cleaners. As its name suggests, the Dyson V10 is particularly optimized because it is lighter and more manageable than a canister vacuum cleaner, and above all it gives dirt no chance. It is now on promotion at a price of 329 euros, a reduction of 23% at Boulanger.

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The Dyson V10 Orign in detail

The Dyson V10 Origin is a stick vacuum cleaner that also offers the best balance in terms of its performance. As its name suggests, it uses the V10 engine. Launched in 2018, this engine is an evolution of the 2016 V8 and the main improvement lies in a suction power increased by 60% compared to the previous model thanks to a speed of up to 125,000 revolutions per minute. A noticeable gain in comfort in certain circumstances and especially on surfaces such as carpets and rugs where power is an important component to tear off dirt and other crumbs.

The other advantage of the latter is greater autonomy thanks to a more efficient battery. According to Dyson, it can thus vacuum for 60 minutes, it is a little less in practice, but the autonomy is sufficient for most interiors. Only the biggest apartments and the biggest houses will probably have to be vacuumed twice. If this is your case, rest assured, there is a solution for you, we’ll tell you about it below.

In addition, the Dyson V10 has 3 suction modes, compared to 2 on previous models, which is ideal for saving battery precisely since you can play more finely on the power according to your needs. Obviously, if you use the turbo mode, the autonomy will be much less important. To find out more, you can consult our review of the Dyson V10.

To take advantage of the Dyson V10 at a price never seen before, it is at Boulanger today, it is offered at 329 euros. From a value for money point of view, this cordless vacuum cleaner is excellent. There is no point in going to look at the (more recent) V12 or V15 which cost almost double the price. The evolutions are slim, it absolutely does not justify such a difference.

I take advantage of the offer

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