Bowers & Wilkins upgrades its high-end headphones in small steps

Bowers & Wilkins refreshes its PX7 helmet with a new version that refines and improves the product, without revolutionizing it. After all, he didn’t really need it.

The PX7 S2 looks like two drops of water to the PX7 and for good reason: the wireless circum-aural headphones (it wraps the ears) launched in 2020 had quite a few flaws, which is why Bowers & Wilkins settled for, with the S2, novelties at the margin. Why fix what isn’t broken?

Little change between the two generations

The main changes are at the level of the microphones, whose location has been revised to improve the quality of active noise reduction (four microphones) and audio calls (two microphones). The manufacturer also promises an improvement in musical reproduction, without going into details on this point, but we keep the custom-designed 40 mm speakers.

From one model to another the finishes are similar, as is the design and the headband that you still cannot fold up. The shape memory pads follow the shape of the ears, the controls are varied and above all, it is always about simpler physical buttons to manipulate blindly, rather than tactile zones.

© Bowers & Wilkins

The headset is still able to stream audio in Bluetooth 5.0 of course, with support for the aptX Adaptive codec but also AAC and SBC of course. It incorporates a jack port for conventional wired operation. The USB-C port allows you to recharge the battery, it is also used to connect the headphones to the smartphone or the transmitting device.

No change in battery life, the PX7 S2 offers 30 hours of listening, however B&W does not specify whether it is with active noise reduction or not. The helmet weighs 307 grams, that’s 3 grams (!) less than its predecessor. It is offered at €429, in three colors (black, blue, gray).

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