Bowser will eventually go to jail, in real life

Gary Bowser, a hacker who took part in the Nintendo Switch hacking scandal, was sentenced to 40 months in prison.

A few months ago, Nintendo sued members of Team Xecuter, a group of hackers known mainly for the Nintendo Switch scandal. The group brought together hackers, developers, vendors and resellers from around the world whose goal was to sell modchips for Nintendo Switch, among other illegal activities. One modchip is a chip that allows you to play copies of video games or launch unofficial applications on certain consoles.

Nintendo settles Bowser’s account

One of its main founders and active members, Gary Bowser, has just been tried by the American Court of Justice and sentenced to 40 months in prison for his involvement in Team Xecuter. As a reminder, the man was arrested by the FBI in October 2020 while he was hiding in the Dominican Republic. After being extradited, he was detained in the walls of an American prison, which he will therefore not leave for a little while.

Last April, we explained to you that Nintendo was holding two charges of traffic and a charge of copyright infringement against the hacker, and that the company was asking for the payment of damages of up to 2,500 dollars for each device tampered with, and 150,000 dollars for each copyright violation. For its part, Nintendo estimated that it had lost nearly $65 million because of the actions of Team Xecuter.

The gang of koopalings still on the loose

For now, Gary Bowser’s accomplices are still on the run and the FBI can’t intercept them. When the authorities find them, no doubt they will suffer the same fate as Bowser. In the meantime, it is Doug Bowser, the boss of Nintendo of America, who celebrates this small victory. Last year already, Gary Bowser agreed to pay 10 million, then 4.5 million additional dollars to the company to settle this affair.

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