Breaking Bad Creator Would Like To Make It A GTA-Style Video Game

Vince Gilligan, the great architect of Breaking Bad, still thinks a video game would be a good idea…but he has other priorities.

Vince Gilligan, great architect of the famous series breaking Bad and Better Call Saulsplit with a startling statement in his podcast “Inside the Gilliverse”; apparently he would have floated the idea of ​​producing a video game “GTA-like” based on the adventures of Walter White et al.

I’m not a big gamer”, begins by clarifying Gilligan. But that didn’t stop him from pitching the idea to the show’s producers at the time. “I remember asking the two gentlemen who said “yes” to Breaking Bad: “Who owns Grand Theft Auto? Couldn’t we do something like a module? Could there be a Breaking Bad adaptation?

(The passage in question starts from 51 minutes in the video below)

A marriage that could make sense

Admittedly, the idea is quite intriguing, but far from uninteresting. Like that of the game, the universe of breaking Bad is studded with striking and colorful characters, brutal action scenes, and articulated around a high-level narration whose intensity increases exponentially over the course of the story. We can therefore imagine quite easily what a video game transposition could look like.

Many passages in the series could give rise to original gameplay sequences or poignant cutscenes. Plus, the many side story arcs that spice up both series could all serve as support for a bunch of side missions.

Unfortunately, this eventuality never materialized. A few developers have tried their luck. The most successful attempt was certainly Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements, a management game released on mobile. But the experience was short-lived. The game ended up being pulled from the market after barely a year. It is still possible to download the APK on various platforms, but the application is no longer officially supported.

Series Priority

Even so, Gilligan doesn’t seem to have given up on the idea; he explains that she has “always makes sense” for him, thus leaving the open door to a video game adaptation. But as much to say it right away: the chances of being able to embody Jesse or Walter in a GTA-type open-world are weak, and even almost nil in the short term.

Gilligan explains that some of the decision makers were very reluctant because they wanted to focus on the series first. Specifically, they didn’t want to risk releasing a mediocre game whose only argument would be “this label”. breaking Bad. Today the story of breaking Bad ended a long time ago, but the philosophy remains the same; Gilligan and his troops still have their work cut out for them with Better Call Saulthe exceptional spin-off based on the charismatic Saul Goodman.

And they apparently do not intend to make the slightest concession at this level. Gilligan remains a director, and his top priority remains delivering a great series to his audience. A hierarchy that leaves very little room for the development of a video game; remember that this is an extremely expensive and time-consuming project, especially when we are talking about an ultra-dynamic open world like Rockstar.

“We just don’t have the bandwidth to do this”he says, before driving the point home laconically. “If I were you, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for a video game”, he concedes. Too bad for those who hoped to rub shoulders with the Salamanca in person, but at least the public can be sure that the series is in good hands!

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