B'Twin Magic Bike: Decathlon's amazing concept bike

B’Twin Magic Bike: Decathlon’s amazing concept bike

Decathlon enjoys a very good reputation in the market for electrically assisted bicycles, with two-wheelers offering good value for money. But with the Magic Bike concept, the distributor wants to make an impression by positioning itself in the innovation niche.

We won’t see the B’Twin Magic Bike on the roads anytime soon. And probably never, since it’s a concept imagined by the Decathlon brand, best known for its affordable electric bikes that sacrifice nothing on the altar of performance. The brand seeks to innovate and implement new solutions, and this Magic Bike reflects this work.

Innovations galore

The objective is to test technologies and ideas, submit them to customers “to challenge them”, and collect opinions, “whether or not you cycle in your daily life or in your leisure time”. This first concept works on the notions of simplicity of use, safety of the cyclist and his bike, and the capacity of the VAE to adapt to the daily life of the user. Not to mention a design that is out of the ordinary!

© Decathlon

Among these ideas being tested is a wireless voice recognition system that allows the bike to unlock when the rider asks. A kickstand system stabilizes the bike once it arrives at its destination, and locks the vehicle.

The battery gives rise to a very interesting proposal. It is made up of three modules each providing 30 km of autonomy. We can thus rest on one or two modules while the third recharges. And of course, they are removable.

© Decathlon

Decathlon doesn’t give a lot of technical details, but that’s not really the point. The engine goes up to 25 km/h adapting to the needs of the cyclist, an automatic gearbox is integrated and its belt transmission is fully protected, which reduces maintenance.

All these innovations could one day be found in future B’Twin bikes, if customer feedback is enthusiastic!

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