Bully 2 would be good (again) in development

Bully 2 would be good (again) in development

The recent Game Awards almost ignited when in the end, it was rather weak sparks that were seen at the event. We learn that a certain Bully 2 could have made its first public appearance there, and that its development would therefore have indeed resumed.

In the manner of Valve which maintains more or less the mystery around Half-Life 3, Rockstar Games is also careful not to speak about a hypothetical sequel to bully. Beyond designating the authors of hazing, this is a GTA with short pants released in the mid-2000s.

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In 2019, there had been a lot of talk about bringing back bully in the front of the scene. And after an anniversary version that even the Wii had hosted, a real new episode seemed to be emerging. For example, we learned that at the end of the 2000s, the development of a Bully 2 had started, before being abandoned in favor of another title.

Bully 2 could have been featured at the 2021 Game Awards

On December 13, the a priori trusted informant Tom Henderson spoke about Bully 2 and not to mourn its cancellation. On his Twitter account, the freelance author has instead mentioned a development that has resumed since Bully 2 was apparently supposed to appear at the 2021 Game Awards ceremony.

“Bully 2 was expected as a potential surprise reveal at the Game Awards last week, after some people received documents hinting at an upcoming reveal.”

A story that reminds a little of a certain Chrono Chross Remastered, we can notice. Tom Henderson then referred to other items that are believed to be in his possession, but as it is now, he had to leave it there for now:

“The information is a bit hazy at the moment, and I have to stay pretty vague here, but if I hear more I will share it.”

Before adding in another message:

“Some people saw a ‘playable version’ a few weeks before the TGA (not the discontinued version).

As I said, the information is hazy at the moment. But I thought it was worth reporting because there is clearly something ‘going on’ related to the show. ”

Source: Twitter

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