buying stocks or cryptocurrencies becomes child’s play

Lydia Trading’s ambition is to democratize the simultaneous purchase and sale of cryptocurrency or equity assets for all users, regardless of their budget or their knowledge of the financial markets. All with a practical and intuitive interface, and at no extra cost.

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The French banking application Lydia is enriched with functionalities related to trading. The objective of the platform is to simplify the procedures allowing access to trading activities while offering advantageous and transparent conditions to its clients. Investing in financial markets and cryptocurrencies has never been so accessible to everyone.

The best time to invest?

Lydia Trading is timely on the market. The French are increasingly attracted to investment in the stock market, a trend that has accelerated with the health crisis. According to figures from the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF), we have seen the arrival of 410,000 new investors in France since 2020, with continued growth.

A similar observation can be made for cryptocurrencies, which are attracting more and more investors wishing to carry out trading or stacking.

These alternative investments are also on the rise because traditional banks currently offer few advantageous investments to their clients. With low interest rates on passbooks and high inflation, saving has become synonymous with wasting money. To hope for greater returns on investment than the financial products of established institutions, we must turn to more innovative solutions, such as Lydia Trading.

Complete but accessible features

Lydia users do not need to download another app to access Lydia Trading, the new functions are available directly from the Lydia app interface to all verified accounts without having to provide supporting documents. Lydia Trading is based on the White Label solution from Bitpanda, a serious player in the market with a secure and reliable technical infrastructure for the exchange of assets and mastering blockchain technology.

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This choice allows Lydia Trading to offer its clients access to many types of cryptocurrency, to exchanges of shares of the entire CAC 40, and to many European and American companies listed on other stock exchanges. , including the major Tech groups. In total, more than 200 assets are made available from launch. You can even invest in precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum.

To invest, it’s simple: just use the money in your Lydia account. And when you sell assets, you immediately get the money in that same account. Transactions are handled according to the highest security standards and comply in particular with the MiFID II directive concerning markets in financial instruments.

Always with a view to leaving the freedom of choice to the user and to facilitate his procedures, Lydia Trading gives the possibility of investing from only one euro. So you have the opportunity to understand how trading with small amounts works when you are just starting out, before getting down to business once you are sure you understand all the features. An advantage over many banks and brokers who require high minimum amounts to enter the world of investing.

Help investors make the right choice

By going through Lydia Trading, investors have the ability to buy and sell their assets 24/7. In addition, the application does not take any superfluous fees on transactions, unlike the majority of other services which charge exchange fees, transaction fees, entry and exit fees… On Lydia Trading, there is no there is none of that. And in addition, the platform strives to maintain tight spreads in order to limit costs.

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Lydia Trading relies on its practicality to the point of giving investors in-app tools to choose the assets to which they should turn. Information, tables and graphs are provided in order to make informed decisions and buy and sell assets at the right time.

Lydia was already an interesting application to have a current account, manage joint accounts, save and for mobile payment, now it becomes an all-in-one service allowing to invest in assets and cryptocurrency and to simply make trading actions. This should convince new users to rally the 5.5 million who already use the application.

This article was written in partnership with Lydia.

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