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Discreet, compact and very effective, the new Voy masturbator from ArcWave intends to impose itself on the sextech market… with a sex toy without a motor.

Sextech isn’t just for the clitoris. At the end of 2020, between two periods of confinement which precipitated the democratization of adult toys in France, the Wow Tech group launched the ArcWave brand, accompanied by a first motorized penis masturbator. Behind the Ion project, the group that owns the Womanizer technology aimed to create a tidal wave in the male sextech market8 years after the contactless revolution.

Discover the ArcWave Voy

This month, the brand returns with Voy, a motorless masturbator that hears make sextech and simplicity rhyme. Determined to reconcile sex toys with a public not yet fully won over to the cause, the adult toy giant may have just found its winning formula. To the point of establishing itself as one of the best on the market?

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Design: This is not a camera lens

Delivered in an elegant rigid box, the Voy immediately announces the color: the cousin of the Womanizer claims a luxurious idea of ​​sextech, aesthetics definitely more high-tech than sexual. With its notched adjustment ring and its unscrewable ends, the sex toy looks like a camera lens, and has fun without complex to maintain the confusion. Placed on a shelf, it will have no trouble being forgotten, and should escape embarrassing explanations.

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In terms of its design as much as its finishes, the ArcWave Voy plays the good students: the plastic of its coating is rigid and of very good quality. Its adjustment wheel pivots to perfection, producing a small particularly satisfying clicking sound to the ear. Inside the sex toy (since we have to get to the heart of the matter), we find a black silicone sheath”Clean Tech patented by the brand, which stands out for its quality.

Soft and firm enough to provide a slight sensation at its internal ribs, the material is particularly pleasant to the touch. Unlike most masturbators on the market, which attract dust and quickly inherit a sticky effect after a few uses, Voy’s silicone is non-porous : it escapes most dirt and does not stick, even after several washes. The two perforated ends allow the product to be immediately closed after washing, while ensuring optimal drying.

If all these elements may seem anecdotal, they are nevertheless what distinguishes the Voy from the rest of the market. Before even dwelling on the sensations it brings, it must be noted that the product is particularly well thought out. Its design by far surpasses that of the first Ion, and its discreet and all-purpose aesthetic will undoubtedly be less impressive for novices who would like to test a sex toy for the first time.

No engine, but a small revolution

The bet to revolutionize sextech with a masturbator without a motor is risky, but it is clear that it works. Once the two ends are unscrewed, the sex toy looks like a perforated cylinder in which to insert the penis. Under its ribbed silicone sheath, the secret of the ArcWave Voy lies in its adjustment ring, which allows you to perfectly adjust the pressure on the penis, regardless of its size. The idea is reminiscent of Fleshlight’s Quickshot, and we have to admit that it changes everything. With a adjustable opening between 2 and 6 cm in diametermost users should find their account there.

In terms of sensations, the Voy focuses on stimulating the body of the penis. Circumcised people or people with a sensitive glans should therefore particularly find their account. For others, the open end of the sex toy allows you to add a additional stimulation on glans and frenulum. Provided you use a good dose of lubricant (which is valid for any sex toy, but also most reports), the ArcWave Voy stands out as a very good surprise, even when you are not used to this type of stimulation. Used solo, it’s flawless. With a partner, the exercise is a little less natural, the size of the Voy leaving little room for improvisation.

The best sex toy on the market?

Whether or not you are used to penis sex toys, the ArcWave Voy is a revelation. The grip is of foolproof simplicity, the sensations are adjustable and perfectly controlled thanks to the adjustment wheel, and the absence of a motor is surprisingly an advantage. Discreet, silent (even if you can’t escape a slight sucking noise), it will probably put off novices less, not really used to placing a motor on their penis.

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Logically, this also allows it to be completely waterproof, fully washable, and never to break down, nor to go off unexpectedly in a suitcase. The inner sheath is a bit complicated to remove and put back in place the first few times, but you quickly get used to handling. Even if the exercise is not the most practical, we welcome the fact that the device is completely removable to be washed. Especially since the open design greatly facilitates cleaning, unlike most competitors.

Price and availability

Arcwave Voy box
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Available since May 2022, the ArcWave Voy masturbator is offered at €89. Obviously, it’s a budget, especially for a sex toy without a motor. We are still a long way from the Womanizer Premium 2, which peaks at nearly 190€. Especially since under its simplistic looks, the Voy is currently the the most successful and effective penis sex toy on the market. Only Lelo’s F1S V2 is currently likely to compete, despite having a motor, and a triple-digit price tag.

Discover the ArcWave Voy

ArcWave Voy


Arcwave Voy

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