Call of Duty: the annual release could end after the takeover of Microsoft

There’s a new game call of duty each year, with the 2021 episode named Vanguard. But that scenario could be over once Microsoft’s takeover of Activision takes place.

Call of Duty: the annual release could end after the takeover of Microsoft

Towards the end of call of duty every year ?

According to Bloomberg, Activision executives discussed dropping the annual release for call of duty. It is not yet recorded, but the idea is that it could be a reality from 2023 at least. Why not 2022? Because there will be an episode that will see the light of day this year. It turns out that the takeover of Activision by Microsoft (if validated) must be finalized by June 2023.

Stopping the annual outing would allow employees to slow down and not be constantly creating games. Also, Activision executives believe that this change in schedule would be good for the license, which is no longer at the level it was a few years ago. Vanguard sells less than Black Ops Cold War released in 2020 for example.

At the same time, Call of Duty: Warzone continues to be updated and meets with great success. Releasing a new “premium” episode could therefore wait.

This morning, Phil Spencer, boss of Microsoft Gaming, said that the license call of duty will remain on PlayStation despite the Activision takeover. Contracts already signed will also be honored for other Activision games. On the other hand, nothing says that Microsoft will not only offer future games on Xbox. Its objective is to attract as many subscribers to its Game Pass as possible. It currently has 25 million subscribers. They were 18 million a year ago.

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