Cameras, Transformers, or both?

Fans of Canon cameras who swear by Transformers (or vice versa) will be in heaven. Canon and Takara Tomy, the Japanese manufacturer of toy robots, have agreed to create a range combining these two passions.

Transformers are not limited to vehicles and planes. Of course, the transforming power of robots allows them to adapt to all objects and even animals (Dinobots). So why not… cameras? Canon and the manufacturer of Transformers toys, the company Takara Tomy, have just unveiled two original novelties.

Almost perfect reproduction

Both models reproduce a Canon EOS R5 with great detail, so much so that you could actually mistake it for the camera! The boxes are actually 20% smaller than the originals, and up close you’ll quickly see that the control monitor isn’t displaying anything at all. On the other hand, the buttons are very close to the original model.

In robot mode, these cameras transform into either Optimus Prime R5 or Refraktor R5, a Decepticon. Each includes its own identifier (a “leadership matrix” for the first, a “Quantum Dial” for the second). But obviously, impossible to be mistaken on the camp of one and the other.

Canon and Takara Tomy have gone quite far into the details: the lens cover can thus be used as a shield. And even better, each robot has its own mini-camera to catch its enemy in the act, no doubt. Both Transformers will be available February 25, 2023 in Japan, with pre-orders open until September 28. Unfortunately, Takara Tomy has not announced anything regarding a release elsewhere in the world.

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