Canadian researchers are developing a drone capable of landing on a sloping roof

Canadian researchers have succeeded in developing a new kind of drone, capable of landing (almost) anywhere, including on a sloping roof! This drone can thus land on slopes inclined at 60° and at a constant speed of 2.75 meters per second. “At high impact speeds and on inclined surfaces, commercial multirotors tend to bounce, flip over or even break on impact, due to their rigid landing gear,” says John Bass. , a doctoral student at the Createk Design Laboratory of the University of Sherbrooke (Quebec), who participated in the project. “Our general approach to landing a quadcopter on a steep slope is to combine two technologies: friction dampers and reverse thrust. »

The first drone equipped with this landing system was first tested… in 3D, in a simulator with a physical engine. 3D printed parts were needed for the friction dampers. After many tests, the drone was able to land on a sloping surface at 60°, which in fact allows the drone to land on almost all residential roofs since the latter have an inclination slightly less than 53 ° on average (at least in North America). Only still sensitive point of the project, the high weight of the “landing gear”, which does not allow for the moment to consider larger drones of the same type.

Finally, note that the team of researchers behind this invention had already developed drones capable of landing on vertical walls or on a lake.

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