Canal + wants to compete with Netflix with one series per week in 2022

To counter the giants of SVOD, Canal + wants to broadcast more than one series per week in 2022.

To counter the growing hegemony of the giant Netflix, but also of Disney +, which plans to invest $ 33 billion in its future productions, Canal + has resources. The group intends to attack the king of SVOD on its own ground in the coming months, by betting on dozens of new original series. In an interview with France Info, the Deputy CEO of the Canal group Jean-Marc Juramie detailed his action plan to remain competitive, at all costs.

In total, in 2022, it is a Sixty series which will be broadcast on the pay channel. A daring bet for the Canal group, which decides to attack Netflix head-on by playing on its own ground: quantity. Facing the red N, the company plans in 2022 to broadcast more than one new series per week. However, these will not all be Canal-stamped productions, since the channel will alternate between “Original creations, created for and by us; series produced by Studio Canal, often produced with a third-party broadcaster, such as the BBC with the Ridley Road series next year, and selected series around the world ”, specifies Jean-Marc Juramie.

Landscapers and Dexter for 2022

Among the novelties expected next year, the public will be able to take advantage of several British creations, like Time, Starstruck, This Is Going to Hurt and Landscapers. Subscribers will also be able to benefit from the continuation of Dexter, “one of the stars of American series in the history of Canal +”, which will return to the group after eight seasons, and especially eight years of interruption.

Canal also relies on competition

Faced with the giant Netflix, Canal’s strategy is therefore twofold: produce your own series, in order to stand out from the rest of the market, which is increasingly competitive, but also continue to focus on the competition. It should be remembered that the offers offered by Canal + operate as “An aggregator”, explains Jean-Marc Juramie: “Our subscribers therefore have access to StarzPlay, Disney +, Netflix series… They have access to everything”. Rather than wanting to win against the giants of the SVOD, the group of Vincent Bolloré rather hopes add to an already rich offer, by talking to serivores who want to centralize all their content within a single interface. A risky bet, but one that could pay off, as the multiplication of platforms becomes less and less fluid for the user experience.

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