Une scientifique au milieu d'une plantation de cannabis

Cannabis is said to have medicinal properties that have yet to be exploited

Today the cannabis is increasingly used in the field of medicine. It is mainly prized for its relaxing and soothing virtues. However, this plant has an extensive aromatic panel which is not unanimous. While its smell is appreciated by some people, it can be perceived as unpleasant or even foul-smelling by others.

Cannabis has nearly 200 aromatic compounds which give it a quite distinctive scent. Following research, it was discovered that some of its chemical components are said to be similar to those found in the skunk and in garlic.

His studies unveiled a new family of volatile sulfur compounds (CSV) which could be at the origin of this pungent odor. Analyzes were performed using a custom 2D chromatography system.

Promising tests

The CSV identified as being at the origin of thepungent smell of cannabis is VSC3. In order to confirm this hypothesis, the team added the compound to a prenylated sample. Subsequently, four members carried out blind olfactory tests in order to determine the aroma that emerges from it. The results revealed that samples containing a high VSC3 level Would give off a scent very similar to the iconic scent of skunk.

Samples with a high concentration of CSV3 were also shown to emit a pungent odor. This is explained by molecular structures very similar to those found in garlic. This discovery could pave the way for a whole new exploitation of cannabis in modern medicine.

Towards a new use of cannabis in medicine?

The results determined that the structural organization of cannabis has similarities with volatile sulfur compounds in garlic. This similarity is all the more interesting, because this vegetable plant is renowned for its countless health benefits. Indeed, garlic has anticancer properties and allows a considerable improvement in cardiovascular health. The challenge is then to discover if the chemical compounds contained in cannabis could have the same medicinal properties.

“The structural similarities between the VSCs in cannabis and garlic therefore warrant further study to determine whether the former have similar health benefits to those of the latter. “


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