Canon is preparing for a future without SLR

It’s the end of an era. Canon has confirmed that the EOS-1D Mark III, launched in January 2020, will be the last SLR in this range, and that within a few years the manufacturer will stop developing and manufacturing this type of camera.

It is no surprise that the devices mirroless (mirrorless) have become more and more attractive to photographers in recent years. Canon, like other manufacturers, can only follow the market, which is why CEO Fujio Mitarai said that in a few years the manufacturer will stop the development and production of its DSLR lines.

High demand in mirrorless

The EOS-1D X Mark III released in early 2020 will be the last in this family of cameras, he also indicated in the Japanese daily. Yomiuri Shimbun. ” Market needs are rapidly shifting towards mirrorless cameras ยป, Explains Fujio Mitarai. ” Therefore, we direct our customers to these products “.

This does not mean that Canon is going to stop all SLR cameras. The announcement only concerns the high-end EOS-1, and then the manufacturer left a few more years before focusing only on mirrorless. In addition, there is still a strong demand for more affordable entry-level and mid-range SLRs. Canon still has plans for these market segments.

As for the Mark III, it is still far from retiring. Cameras have a very long lifespan that can be counted in decades. Photographers who appreciate SLRs will therefore be able to continue to enjoy them for a long time.

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