Capcom announces Street Fighter 6, more info this summer

Capcom announces Street Fighter 6, more info this summer

It’s the end of a suspense… Which wasn’t really one: after a countdown started exactly one week ago, Capcom formalized the existence of street fighter 6 to the surprise of almost no one. It must be said that between the many collaborations, promotions and other innuendos that have punctuated the news of the versus fighting franchise in recent days, it would have been hard to imagine an announcement without this sixth episode…

Luke returns for street fighter 6

Unfortunately, the Japanese publisher has not been particularly generous in terms of concrete information for this new title which is bound to attract the attention of all quarter-turn addicts around the world. The teaser released at the end of the Capcom Cup showed franchise ambassador Ryu battling Luke—the new kid on the block and the latest addition to the cast of Street Fighter V.

This insolent-looking boxer had therefore concluded the life cycle of the last episode to date a few months ago already, and Capcom had announced that his character would become central to the future of the franchise… His presence in the teaser of ad is therefore the best example of this new direction.

The graphic style of the teaser nevertheless risks dividing fans: halfway between realism and an anime-style silhouette, Ryu’s face will undoubtedly struggle to convince Street Fighter purists. No platform and even less release horizon have been communicated, except for a simple logo that is more reminiscent of an MMA promotion than anything else. Capcom makes an appointment this summer for new information.

Another game has been announced in the wake of Street Fighter 6: it is Capcom Fighting Collection, a new compilation of fighting games from the publisher’s catalog. You will find there about ten essential games of the versus fighting genre, with among others Hyper Street Fighter II as well as the 5 episodes of the saga Darkstalkers, all playable in online multiplayer with netcode rollback. Release scheduled for June 24 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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