Capcom Reportedly Modified $80 Street Fighter 6 Logo Image

The first round of street fighter 6 has not yet been launched that the blows begin to rain and not in the expected direction. We thus lend to Capcom to have modified a logo available at 79.99 dollars on the Adobe site and to have modified it to create the logo of its next game.

On Monday, February 20, Capcom lifted the veil on its next Street Fighter which, unsurprisingly, will be called street fighter 6. Or if we stick to a Western reading of the logo, to “SF 6 – Street Fighter”. After criticism of a game that seems even more oriented towards the eSports public, the publisher is now accused of having done something unoriginal with this same logo.

Ars Technica’s creative director, Aurich Lawson, made this observation. That wanting that the logo of the initials of the name “Street Fighter” is, neither more nor less, than a modified version of an image available for purchase on the Adobe Stock site.

Ars Technica’s creative director already found the Street Fighter 6 logo “generic”

The image costs 79.99 dollars, but by going to the French version of the site, it is a much more significant price of 63.99 euros which appears. By sharing the link on his Twitter account, Aurich does not hide his disappointment, which ultimately adds to that of the presentation of a logo deemed very uninspired:

“The new Street Fighter 6 logo is $80 on Adobe Stock. I don’t even know what to say. I knew it was generic, but I didn’t realize it was that bad. They looked up ‘SF’ on a stock logo site and rounded a few corners and added the 6. I can’t”.

On the Adobe Stock site, the image is available in AI/EPS and JPEG formats. In other words and as pointed out by VGC, this means that by opening it with Adobe Illustrator software, it is possible to modify it. While waiting for a possible confirmation of this offense of bad taste, we will remember the story mode of Street Fighter V. Except for people to whom a medical prescription prohibits any memory linked to these famous fixed scenes.

Source: Aurich’s Twitter account (via VGC)

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