Capcom unveils Exoprimal, a new license full of dinosaurs

Capcom played with the hearts of fans during the State of Play broadcast last night: the livestream dedicated to the next PlayStation releases revealed Exoprimal, a new triple-A from the Japanese publisher, featuring a whole troop of… Dinosaurs. And as much to say that putting “Capcom” and “Dinosaurs” in the same sentence, we are clearly entering slippery ground. But far from any retro or reboot considerations, Expoprimal is a new TPS license that should certainly attract attention in the coming months.

Capcom returns to Mesozoic times with Exoprimal

So yeah, maybe it’s not a Dino Crisiscorn Exoprimal is already one of Capcom’s next major releases. Showcased heavily throughout State of Play, this explosive TPS feels hewn by modern big-budget gaming conventions, with its veritable hordes of fat-slicking enemies, stealthy design, and all-around co-op multiplayer aspect.

The title depicts a semi-distant future where the world is regularly invaded by dinosaurs, landing a few millennia after their time through space-time vortices. A problem such that it was necessary to form assault troops named Exofighters to take care of making them disappear once and for all.

Playable alone or with up to 5 participants in cooperative multiplayer, each Exofighter is equipped with a different Exosuit, or combat suit, with distinct roles and abilities to bring a bit of tactics to this world of brutes. Very clearly, the first trailer is not in lace, and shows a few minutes of intensive fights on the program of Exoprimal, visibly generous in the number of dinosaurs displayed on the screen.

All of this is a bit reminiscent of Second Extinctionthe shoot of Systemic Reaction exclusive to Xbox consoles, but also to Lost Planet — another license well known to Capcom fans who, we’re not going to hide, didn’t look far for its inspiration.

The output ofExoprimal is due out next year on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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