Cardo launches a microphone kit to easily communicate with loved ones on skis

Hitting the slopes at full speed is in the air for a lot of mountain lovers: the holidays are approaching and with them, winter sports! But to fully enjoy it with your family and loved ones, good communication is essential.

It is often difficult to make yourself understood on snowy slopes. Everyone hurtles down the slopes at their own speed, equipped with head protections that make communication with those close to them difficult. This is why Cardo has adapted its wireless communication technology to mountain sportsmen, originally intended for motorcycle riders.

A range of 1 km

The PackTalk Ski is a microphone kit that easily adapts to all helmets. The device relies on Dynamic Mesh Communication technology to keep in touch with users who wear a microphone of the same type. Communication is long-range, since the connection is active within a range of up to 1 kilometer in open terrain.

It therefore becomes possible to talk (without yelling!) To your children, or to stay in contact with your group (15 people maximum). Ski and snowboard instructors will be able to communicate with their students remotely, and share clear and precise instructions in real time. Trackers and professionals will also find what they are looking for with this system, which complements their traditional communication equipment.

Snow obliges, Cardo put the package on the resistance to the cold and to the water! The PackTalk Ski can thus be used at a temperature of -20 degrees Celsius, and even lower. In a cold atmosphere that usually does not give the batteries a gift, the microphone provides an autonomy of 8 hours.

All this has a price: the pack is sold for 249 €. But at this price, everything is included in the packaging: the PackTalk Ski of course, but also the 32 mm headphones, the adhesive system for the helmet, Velcro pads and the audio kit with microphone.

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