Cascading bankruptcies in China following the end of new video game approvals

The China seems to want the video game skin on its floor, and this time the National Press and Publication Administration (NPPA) has given itself the means to achieve its ambitions. Indeed, no new video game has been authorized for distribution in China since July 2021!


As a result of this drastic strategy, which is already added to a rather staggering arsenal of constraints (especially on the maximum number of hours of games for children and adolescents), many Chinese game studios have closed their doors in a few months. (the figure of 140,000 bankruptcies is put forward), except of course the big studios which also develop for international markets (Tencent is obviously one of them).

After a phase of opening up to video games and technological products in general (on the domestic market), the Chinese government seems more than ever convinced of the harmful power of video games. A hyper-productivist country in essence, is China afraid that video games will divert the population from the “benefits” of intensive work?

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