a reactor pushed to 100 million degrees for 30 seconds

Nuclear fusion leaps forward thanks to Chinese reactor record

The exploits of this South Korean tokamak will directly benefit ITER, the major nuclear fusion project based in France. Korean physicists have just taken an important step for the future of work on nuclear fusion with their experimental reactor Korea Superconducting Tokamak Advanced Research center (KSTAR); for 30 seconds, he managed to maintain a temperature … Read more

Any changes to expect for the future?

les sims 4 gratuit

EA announces the transition to free-to-play of The Sims 4. What about later versions? Nothing is less sure. This is news that fans of the sims around the world were waiting for, but which surely comes a few years too late. The Sims 4 will soon become officially free-to-play. Players who have never tried the … Read more

which series are on the program for the 2022 edition?

Netflix Tudum

Netflix has just shared the program for its TUDUM, a conference for fans around the world. For the second consecutive year, Netflix invites its subscribers around the world for a special conference. The TUDUM, in reference to the iconic introduction of the original programs, will bring together many actors from your favorite series and films. … Read more

This ultra-thin Samsung soundbar is entitled to an unprecedented offer for the start of the school year

barre de son S800B Samsung

To watch your favorite movies and series or to listen to your favorite artists, the Samsung HW-S800B soundbar is getting a total reduction of 220 euros for a few more days. Samsung invites you to take part in a unique auditory journey with its ultra-thin HW-S800B soundbar. Really feel the music and vibrate to the … Read more