AirPods 3 know how to distinguish skin from other surfaces

AirPods 3 know how to distinguish skin from other surfaces

The 3rd generation AirPods, presented earlier this week by Apple, incorporate new technologies for the manufacturer’s wireless headphones. They incorporate a skin detection sensor unmatched on other AirPods ranges. The AirPods 3 are the new mid-range offering in Apple’s family of wireless headphones. But who says mid-range does not necessarily mean discount! Admittedly, the more … Read more

Apple’s wipe is out of stock!

Apple's wipe is out of stock!

Apple news has been rich in recent days, but one novelty in particular has caught the attention: a cloth! This piece of fabric, sold at a “very Apple” price, is out of stock until next year. Is it enough to put the Apple logo on any product to sell like hot cakes? You could believe … Read more

DJI’s first film camera imposes it

DJI's first film camera imposes it

DJI is well known in the drone sector, but the manufacturer also intends to play elbows in a market that is certainly niche, but very profitable: that of professional filming. The Ronin 4D is a very complete solution for filming up to 8K. We could count on DJI not to launch a simple camera. The … Read more

RED by SFR and B & You wreak havoc this weekend

Forfait mobile

This weekend is the perfect opportunity to change your mobile plan. Three operators are posting generous offers on their non-binding formulas, take advantage of it. If you are looking for a new mobile plan, don’t hesitate any longer. Three operators are highlighting discounts on their respective offers, so that prices are falling at RED by … Read more