a new reference saga? 🔎

Enola Holmes 2

Two years ago, we discovered the little sister of the most famous detective in the world in the guise of Millie Bobby Brown. After a clumsy but endearing first opus, what does Enola Holmes 2 have in store for us? Loosely inspired by the writings of Nancy Springer, Netflix seemed to have the winning recipe … Read more

Olivier Marchal in Overdose on Prime Video 👮

Prime Video Olivier Marshal

After Bronx on Netflix, Olivier Marchal joins forces with another streaming platform and signs an action thriller that undoubtedly bears his mark… until the overdose? Oliver Marchal’s obsession with borderline cops and organized crime is not new, he who has always fed his films with his own experience under the badge. And if his next … Read more

[Test] Google Pixel Buds Pro: high-end ANC headphones, but not a game-changer

[Test] Google Pixel Buds Pro: high-end ANC headphones, but not a game-changer

With the Pixel Buds Pro, Google finally launches into the “intra” market True-Wireless high-end, a positioning that goes hand in hand with many promises: qualitative sound reproduction, comfort of use, generous autonomy, and a whole bunch of little extras related to the Google ecosystem. In this field of premium earphones around 200 euros, the competition … Read more

Can Dwayne Johnson Save Superheroes? 💪

Dwayne Johnson lands in the superhero genre with a promise of renewal and corpses. With his more naughty than nice bent, is Black Adam the hero the DC Universe needed? On paper, pairing one of Hollywood’s most popular and profitable actors with the most popular and profitable genre in cinema in recent years is enough … Read more

the anime that is going to cause a massacre

Affiche de Chainsaw Man

After (long) months of waiting, the Chainsaw Man anime is finally here! Demons galore, hemoglobin do you want it, here it is… We were not disappointed with the trip. Find out what we thought of Chainsaw Man in our spoiler-free review. If you’re looking for this fall’s anime, we’ve found it for you. After a … Read more

Marvel pulls out its claws on Disney+ 🌕

Werewolf By Night

Composer Michael Giacchino arrives with a first film that looks towards horror. Is Werewolf by Night a good surprise on Disney+? Critical. Michael Giacchino is a virtuoso. For years, the composer has been delighting us with scores of all genres. From the lyrical flights of Up to the mysterious hymns of Doctor Strange, the musician … Read more

Super Hero or Super Zero?🐉

The animated Dragon Ball Super may have been on hiatus for four years, but the license continues to take center stage thanks to manga and films extending the saga. This is how Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero lands on our screens with the promise of… to… sell toys? We are going to tell you about … Read more