a UFO among dreams on Netflix 🎃

Série Sandman netflix Dream avec masque

Perfectly measured, the Sandman series pays homage to Neil Gaiman’s cult graphic novels, with a very high-flying adaptation. Adapted from the graphic novels by Neil Gaiman, Sandman wants to establish itself as Netflix’s next success, at a time when the platform is struggling to retain its subscribers. Centered on the adventures of the king of … Read more

a Justice League with dog 🐶

Laser vision, icy breath, super strength and he flies faster than a plane wearing his cape with a capital S, you’ve already guessed who we’re talking about… Of course, Krypto, the super- dog ! Superman’s pet is entitled to its own animated film and level of cuteness (yes, we invent words), it already beats its … Read more

has the series lost its bearings? 🧭

Westworld affiche

Westworld is reopening for a fourth round of episodes. On HBO, the series intends to reinvent itself after a rather disappointing season 3. Critical. In the realm of modern science fiction series, Westworld holds a prominent place. The HBO production has quickly established itself as a reference for those who love convoluted plots and brain … Read more

a funny impasse? 🤓

Building on their first success in 2015, the funny yellow creatures from the Moi, Moche et Méchant saga are back in their own film again. Except that, as the title suggests, in The Minions 2: Once Upon a Time Gru, they share the poster… In the gaggle of secondary characters from animation sagas who have … Read more

a not original remake for a penny 💰

Le remake coréen de la Casa de Papel

La Casa de Papel returns, this time to Korea. Netflix has just unveiled the remake of one of its most popular series. So we buy? Critical. In 2017, Money Heist lands on Netflix with the firm intention of seducing users around the world. The Spanish series, first produced and broadcast by the Antena 3 channel, … Read more

to infinity and beyond for Pixar!

Buzz l'éclair

27 years after the first adventures of Andy’s toys, Pixar tells the story of the character who inspired the Buzz Lightyear toy. What is this new film promised to interplanetary success worth? In 1995, children around the world discovered a toy story that was to become a monument of pop culture. Pixar tackles a childhood … Read more

when the MCU plays it Disney Channel

Image promotionnelle de la série Miss Marvel avec Kamala Khan assises sur un lampadaire avec New York au loin.

After Moon Knight, Miss Marvel arrives on Disney+ to breathe fresh air into the MCU. Mixing genres can sometimes be dangerous. Critical. After the impressive Infinity Saga, it’s time for Marvel to freshen up its cast with some new characters. Since the arrival of the MCU on Disney +, the series format has revolutionized the … Read more