Star Wars awakening on Disney+⏰

Andor sur Disney+

The Star Wars license is emerging from its lethargy with a disconcerting and promising new series. What is Andor, spin-off of Rogue One worth? Critical. In 2015, Lucasfilm returns to the front of the stage with a seventh installment of its flagship license. While the director has decided to retire, the studios now in the … Read more

criticism without language of wood

Disney Plus Pinocchio

Pinocchio comes back to life at Disney. Does Disney+’s New Live-Action Remake Send Wood? Critical. Disney + recycles its animation classics at all costs. From Lion King at Aladdin Passing by The beauty and the Beast, no princess or character of her license escapes it. It was only a matter of time before the big-eared … Read more

the end of the world has never been so charming

le visiteur du futur bande annonce

François Descraques’ cult web-series returns nine years after its last season for an event film. Critical. A true monument of French creations of the genre alongside Noob or Flanders Company, The Visitor from the Future is one of those jewels that marked a whole generation of French geeks. The French web-series directed by François Descraques … Read more

in the multiverse of madness 🤯

Preceded by a solid reputation following its surprise success at the American box office and the good feedback from festival-goers who were able to take a look at it, Everything Everywhere All at Once finally arrives in our theaters. And its buzz is far from undeserved. Within the sphere of enthusiasts, Everything Everywhere All at … Read more

House of the Dragon Review

House of the Dragon Review

The planetary success saga returns in the form of a spin-off and the question is very simple: is it worth getting up every Monday at 3 a.m.? First elements of answers with our review of the first episode of House of the Dragon. No matter what we think of Game of Thrones’ ending (but hey, … Read more