Researchers discover two subtypes of obesity, one is more dangerous than the other

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To determine if a person is obese, body mass index is generally used. But recent studies suggest that this approach is not completely reliable. Epigenetics and metabolic disease researchers at Van Andel Institute of Michigan discovered that there are two types of adiposity and one of them develops according to factors still little known to … Read more

Scientists are looking into the question of cheat meals

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Poor nutrition is a growing phenomenon that can take many forms depending on an individual’s situation and his environment. To better understand the food issues that affect us, researchers from the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Sciences at theUniversity of Toronto carried out a survey study. Their experiences have led to a better understanding of the … Read more

It’s trash war between humans and cockatoos every day in Australia

Un cacatoès ouvrant une poubelle

Cockatoos, distinguished by their crest, belong to the same family as parrots. In recent years, they have developed amazing new faculties, such as being able to open the trash cans. A race for interspecies innovation According to a study published in Current Biologythis interspecies challenge represents a hitherto unexplored phenomenon. Indeed, humans have managed their … Read more

We better understand the link between depression and the lack of natural light

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Scientists already knew that a greater or lesser daylight exposure affects the brain. Concretely, changes at this levelwhich occur between seasons, would have a considerable impact on a person. Seasonal depression (SAD), for example, is depression resulting from a lack of natural light. Recently, scientists have studied this phenomenon deeper, upat the level of neurons. … Read more

Atomic clocks linked by quantum entanglement for the first time

Atomic clocks linked by quantum entanglement for the first time

By linking two atomic clocks using the phenomenon of quantum entanglement, Oxford researchers have paved the way for significant progress in fundamental physics. Researchers affiliated with the University of Oxford have managed to put two atomic clocks into a state of quantum entanglement, all at a distance of nearly two meters. It’s the first time … Read more

Google and NASA want to use augmented reality to increase your knowledge of the solar system


According to 9to5Google, Google and NASA have teamed up to inspire the next generation of space explorers. They would have a collection of 3D models ready for augmented reality including new historical annotations. For a few years, Google has offered 3D models of many planets and moons in our solar system. You can even display … Read more