Researchers wonder about a mysterious signal coming from the center of our Galaxy

Galaxie 600x399

Astronomers and astrophysicists of all stripes are puzzled to say the least. A mysterious signal coming from the center of our Galaxy resists all scientific explanation. Detected by the researcher Ziteng Wang of the University of Sydney and baptized “Andy’s Object”, this radio signal escapes all explanatory models and does not correspond to any type … Read more

Artificial intelligence: China has already folded the game against the United States according to a former Pentagon official

Intelligence Artificielle

When we talk about artificial intelligence, there are countries that invest heavily (China, United States), those who are struggling to make the necessary efforts (European countries as a whole) and those who are still watching the train go by. (all the others or almost). And in the great match between the United States and China, … Read more

MIT creates intelligent fabric that responds to the movements of its wearer

tissu intelligent

Scientists have long sought to unite technology and clothing to bring clothing into the modern era. Precisely, researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have just presented an invention going in this direction. This is OmniFiber, an intelligent fabric that can detect and respond to the movements of its wearer. Specifically, the fibers of … Read more

Two American students unveil an … infrasound extinguisher!

Two American students unveil an ... infrasound extinguisher!

A 2015 Physics World article tells us that two American students from George Mason University managed to outperform DARPA researchers (US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). The American agency was working several years ago on a method of extinguishing fire based on the use of low sound frequencies, but this research was unsuccessful. Seth robertson … Read more

South Korea fails in first 100% domestic satellite orbit

Nuri fusée sud coréenne

For the general public, South Korea is the country of robots, successful series (Squid Games) and sophisticated smartphones (Samsung), a country necessarily at the forefront of modern technology. However, the world’s 12th largest economy is lagging far behind in certain areas, and in particular in the aerospace sector. Thus, the first rocket designed in South … Read more