the Communities tab is available to everyone, managing groups becomes child’s play

WhatsApp communities

Were you expecting it? It’s finally here: the Communities tab is coming to WhatsApp for users around the world. Thanks to this, the application allows users to create sub-groups within other groups, which can accommodate several hundred participants. All while of course benefiting from end-to-end encryption. Credit: Meta WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the applications … Read more

end clap for messaging, 10 years after its launch

google migration forcée hangouts

As of yesterday, November 1, 2022, Google Hangouts is no longer available from the web. Users are urged to make the switch to Google Chat, the company’s new messaging service. Google Hangouts, a text, video and voice chat application integrated into Gmail, is closing its doors for good today after 10 years of existence. As … Read more

How to reduce the size of a PDF

How to reduce the size of a PDF

Do you have PDFs that are too big to send by email? Want to save storage space on your computer or phone? Here’s how to reduce PDF size in seconds. Source: Yazid Amer – Frandroid Compressing a PDF file may be a necessity before transferring it by email, for example, or to successfully copy it … Read more