evil is back and it feels good

evil is back and it feels good

Diablo 2 Resurrected is the remastered version of Diablo 2, released in 2000. The Vicarious Visions studio wanted to give a second life to the legendary Blizzard game while scrupulously respecting its original gameplay. A perilous job, closer to the remake than to graphic smoothing, for a result that meets our expectations. Is there no … Read more

Sony A7 IV review, the hybrid for everyone

Sony A7IV

That’s it, Sony has just unsheathed the Alpha 7 IV, a worthy successor to the Alpha 7 III which had won over many videographers and photographers around the world. What is Sony’s new hybrid worth? He was expected around the corner. The Alpha 7 IV – or A7IV for close friends – has just been … Read more

the snapshot to see all the colors

Polaroid Now+

The Polaroid NOW +, the latest in the brand’s instant range, offers a foray into modernity. The new device promises an enhanced experience thanks to the dedicated application and new features. Does the Polaroid recipe work? Test. More than a year after its Now, Polaroid returns with its resolutely retro format, but adds a welcome … Read more

a connected bracelet with great evolutions

a connected bracelet with great evolutions

Fresh out of the factories, the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 directly replaces the fifth generation of Xiaomi connected bracelets. What is this latest version of one of the best-selling connected bracelets worth? You have inevitably already seen it on the internet, on television or on the wrists of athletes, the Xiaomi connected bracelet is everywhere. … Read more

Samsung Galaxy A52s test, effective in detail

Samsung Galaxy A52s cover

No concessions on the A52s 5G. The model comes as a replacement for the first A52 of the name, with an almost identical technical sheet, and some interesting improvements. Make no mistake, the Galaxy a52s is not a light version of the A52 model. Released just a few months ago, the mid-range smartphone is already … Read more

Far Cry 6 test, bad habits die hard

Test Far Cry 6

Ubisoft abandons the good old Montana and its seasoned cowboys, and takes us to the island of Yara, inspired by Cuba and its political conflicts. Check out our review of Far Cry 6 in this review. For the sake of its storytelling, Far Cry 6 transports us to Yara Island, a small country prone to … Read more

IPad 9 test, the best value for money at Apple

iPad 9

Apple took advantage of the new school year to renew its entry-level iPad. Sold from 389 €, is the tablet still so interesting? Between the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and the brand new iPad Mini, Apple took the opportunity to renew its entry-level iPad. If it seems less attractive than other recent products from … Read more