The long-awaited update is finally here

Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate — Daemonhunters

The game Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate—Daemonhunters continues to appeal to video game lovers. However, it is not free from criticism and players frequently complain about certain malfunctions on the platforms. Complex Games seems to have found the solution. Chaos Gate Credit More life for the gray soldiers In the new update, we can note a … Read more

Discover the most played characters

Overwatch 2 Bêta

This May 17 marked the end of the first Overwatch 2 PvP beta. The trial period allowed the developers to gather important information to fine-tune the next release. Blizzard is sharing some of these stats with the public. Blizzard Credit Focus on the characters The figures published mainly relate to the most used heroes in … Read more

three new games enter the catalog today

three new games enter the catalog today

The months pass and the gaming catalog of netflix, a surprise new player in the industry, continues to grow. Three new games thus integrate the video game offer of the SVoD service as of today. Moonlighter, Dragon Up and Townsmen – A Kingdom Rebuilt are already downloadable for subscribers netflix equipped with an iOS or … Read more

No Man’s Sky: Leviathan expansion takes the player through a roguelike time loop

No Man's Sky: Leviathan expansion takes the player through a roguelike time loop

When there are no more, there are still some. HelloGames today releases the millionth expansion for No Man’s Sky (I exaggerate a bit on the number), which bears the high-sounding name of Leviathan. This extension notably offers giant space whales (which was initially a joke has therefore become a reality), but above all introduces a … Read more