Censored by Facebook and TikTok, several museums open their OnlyFans accounts

To protest against the censorship they suffer from social networks, several Viennese museums have decided to open their OnlyFans accounts.

How to fight against the censorship of Instagram and Facebook when you are a museum? Undoubtedly tired of the moderation policy of social networks for the general public, the Vienna Tourist Office has announced the creation of your OnlyFans account. If the idea may seem surprising – the platform is more used to hosting adult content – it allows the city’s museums to promote their collections representing nudes, while protesting against the censorship operated by the GAFAM.

Hide that ancient nipple that I couldn’t see

It must be said that on Instagram as on Facebook and TikTok, nudity is officially prohibited. The platform algorithm has thus gotten into the habit of putting in the same basket suggestive photos, sexually explicit content … and works of art depicting nudity. A situation “frustrating” for Helena Hartlauer, spokesperson for the Vienna Tourist Office, who denounced a few days ago to The Guardian the’inability to promote works yet major in the city, like the famous Self-portrait by Egon Schiele from 1910.

At a time when museums around the world are competing in ingenuity to bring their audiences back after the covid-19 pandemic, this moral censorship operated by Instagram, Facebook and others is not going through the Austrian capital, which was suffering a drop of nearly 80% of its visitors between 2019 and 2020. To highlight the absurdity of the algorithm of certain social networks, the city has therefore decided to create its own account OnlyFans. Here, no censorship, the contents judged 18+ are sure to find their place.

With this punch-down operation, the Vienna tourist office hopes to ensure the promotion of its latest exhibition, dedicated to the Italian portrait painter Amedeo Modigliani, whose too explicit works make “almost impossible” promotion on mainstream social networks. If this situation prompted the city to migrate to OnlyFans, this is unfortunately not the first time that she has suffered censorship from social networks. In July, Albertina Museum’s TikTok account had been suspended following the publication of a work by artist Nobuyoshi Araki showing a naked breast. In 2019 on Instagram, a painting by Peter Paul Rubens had been blocked.

At a time when the algorithm makes rain and shine on social networks, this communication blow from the Viennese museums sounds like an ultimatum for art lovers. For its part, Instagram still seems unable to differentiate between pornography and art.

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