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CERN announces the end of its collaboration with Russia and Belarus as of 2024

This is a new backlash from the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces: CERN has just announced the end of its collaboration with Russian and Belarusian scientists as soon as the current agreement expires, either in 2024. Usually, the renewal of this agreement is tacit, but this time, CERN decided to stop the costs following Putin’s decision to invade whole swaths of Ukrainian territory.


In a (very) long press release, CERN details its position on the subject: “CERN Council reiterated its denunciation of the continued illegal military invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation with the participation of the Republic of Belarus, which has resulted in a widespread humanitarian crisis and significant losses in human lives. CERN was established in the aftermath of World War II to bring nations and peoples together in the peaceful pursuit of science. Member States recalled that the fundamental values ​​of the Organization have always been based on cross-border scientific collaboration as the engine of peace, and underlined that the aggression of one country against another runs counter to these values. »

This decision seems courageous to say the least: CERN, in which 23 countries participate (21 now), is about to start the third phase of experiments on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) particle accelerator, and Russian scientists participated actively in this project, not to mention that the expertise of these scientists in fundamental physics is recognized throughout the world.

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