Champions of the Continent arrives in France this year

After capturing the hearts of old-school JRPG fans, Octopath Traveler targets a different audience—but crossovers are highly likely. Square Enix announced on Facebook the upcoming arrival in Europe and on the American continent of Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continentthe spin-off mobile game of 2018’s JRPG. Octopath Traveler in good and due form, but there will surely be something to keep fans of gacha games of all kinds.

Octopath Traveler in spring time

Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent takes place in the same universe as Octopath Traveler, but features new characters and different script paths. It is based on the classic mechanics of Japanese smartphone games: to receive new combat units, you will have to go through the virtual zipper and its random probabilities. Available since October 2020 in Japan, the title is being exported for the very first time to the West, with a release horizon set for next spring, without further information.

With a look combining sprites in pixelart and management of 3D landscapes, Octopath Traveler wants to be the return in great shape of the JRPG to dad. It takes place on the continent of Orsterra, a universe largely inspired by medieval Europe, and follows the story of eight different protagonists, whose destinies will lead them to meet.

In the rest of the news Octopath Traveler, the title is still available on Microsoft’s Xbox and PC Game Pass, as well as its original Nintendo Switch platform. No release on PlayStation consoles has been announced at this time. Another notable fact, next month will see the release of Triangle Strategythe new production of Tomoya Asano, producer of Octopath Traveler. You could almost call it a spinoff as the look of the game—beyond the use of HD-2D—and its artistic direction seems to borrow from Octopath Traveler. But instead of the latter’s turn-based battles, Triangle Strategy will venture into the beloved genre of tactical role-playing.

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