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The Google Home application, which is used to control all the connected objects in the house, has received a serious facelift. In addition, if Google has reviewed and corrected the design of its application, its developers have also taken the opportunity to add some features. Review of what’s new in Google Home.

Google Home new version

Google Home, which allows you to control all devices connected to the Google ecosystem in the same household, has had a facelift. A few days ago, we were already talking about this Google Home update. However, it was not yet accessible to all users. Google has just announced that the new edition of its application is being deployed on Android smartphones and iPhones.

What’s the list of what’s new in Google Home? It could be summed up like this:

  • New reception design that offers better control of connected devices in the home
  • New Security Possibilities in case of absence
  • Differentiation between events recent and most important

Google Home gets a new home screen and better security management

In detail, this Google update is inspired by the possibilities of Android 11. The home screen now benefits from larger and more visible buttons, where the previous iteration was content with small icons. Besides, these buttons are now interactive : you can, for example, adjust the light intensity of a connected bulb directly from the home page, without having to launch the settings for each bulb individually. A single press of the button also turns a device on or off, while a longer press provides the means to access device control.

Google has also improved the security management in case of absence. It is now possible to individually control devices that detect movement or sound when away, and therefore start routines Home/Away. In addition, one can also consult the history of the activity of the house from the Assistant.

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Latest news: recent and most recent household events are now sorted. Near-simultaneous events are grouped together, eliminating the need to scroll through a long list of events.

The update is accessible to both iPhone and Android smartphone users. It is being deployed: you may not yet have access to it from the Google Play Store, even by refreshing the list of available updates. You have two solutions: either wait for the new version to appear in the Play Store (it’s only a matter of hours or days), or download the latest APK from an alternative store like APKPure or APKMirror.

Google Home Android


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Requirements: 6.0 or later

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