changes are coming to the UK

Will France be the next to benefit from the restructuring of Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold subscription services?

In the United Kingdom, the Competition and Markets Authority (understand the competent authority in matters of competition and market practices) has just made an important decision for the future of Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold on British lands. Indeed, it looks like Microsoft will have to change a number of things about its subscriptions to make them more transparent, especially when it comes to auto-renewal.

The question of automatic renewal of subscriptions, which in fact concerns several players in the industry in addition to Microsoft (Nintendo and Sony) but which is also applied in many fields besides the video game sector, is today a problem for the consumer, and is considered a misleading technique by many users.

Automatic renewal increasingly controlled

This is why, from now on, Microsoft will have to focus on four essential points to better satisfy its customers. It starts with the notion of transparency: “ Microsoft will provide more transparent and straightforward information to help customers understand their Xbox subscription, such as making it clear that the subscription will automatically renew […] and how the customer can be reimbursed after an accidental renewal “.

Regarding these reimbursements, the firm must also “ contact existing customers on a recurring 12-month contract and to give them the option of terminating their contract and requesting a pro-rated refund “. But she will also have to contact existing customers, who pay for a subscription that they have not used for a long time: “ these customers will be reminded of how to stop their payments, and if they continue to not use their subscription, Microsoft will eventually stop making further payments “.

Finally, Microsoft will have to provide better information on future price increases and “ make sure customers know how to turn off auto-renewal if they don’t want to pay the higher price “. So many measures that will allow the company to ensure that its users are completely satisfied with Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass subscriptions.

Towards a French regulation?

However, there is no information indicating that this regulation will arrive in France, or even that it will be applied to Nintendo and Sony. Unused subscriptions are indeed a source of revenue which Microsoft will now be deprived of, a situation which should not please the firm.

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