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Horizon Forbidden West is an action game that continues in a post-apocalyptic universe like its predecessor Horizon Zero Dawn. The work of the Dutch group Guerrilla Games, this open-world action game, which is scheduled for release next February, is already generating a lot of interest.

The game revolves around Aloy, a fighter intervening in a world where machines have now taken over. The latter in search of her identity will embark on a long journey while facing monstrous creatures.

An open world with more possibilities

The previous version sets the scene for the birth of the character Aloy, an orphan rejected by her tribe and left in the care of an outcast. Horizon Forbidden West is a sequel that intends to surprise with what the game has to offer. Remember that this version takes place six months after the events related in the first opus.

In this opus, the world is larger, which suggests the possibility of carrying out many other missions parallel to the main one. Aloy finds herself in a position where she will have to put an end to a ravaging plague that could lead to the extinction of all life on earth. The course promises to be more difficult than before, because the machines she will face are more powerful and sophisticated.

A variety of combat modes, weapons and abilities

In Horizon Forbidden West, players of the old version will soon realize that Aloy’s abilities have evolved and of course those of her opponents. At first, we think of a titanic boar with the ability to produce a toxic cloud that very quickly affects the health of the heroine.

In her new equipment, we were able to find a metal shield that she swings at her opponents in the style of Captain America. Floating mines could also be tested, these having the capacity to unbalance the adversary or to neutralize it in certain cases.

In terms of free fighting techniques, she is able to perform special combos that give her abilities even more credit. Aloy is now able to perform several different attacks using a single weapon. One of the most interesting is the ability to generate a shower of arrows or even shoot up to three arrows at a time. It will be necessary to combine creativity and finesse for successful games and fights.

new enemies

This new adventure would not be exciting without new challenges, so this new version of the opus reveals the introduction of new enemies. Thus the developers reveal their project to put the heroine under an even higher level of pressure and it is normal, it is indeed a question of the forbidden West. We announce the arrival of an enemy known as Regalla, a member of the Tenakth tribe, a fighter who is as dangerous as she is devastating. Coming up against enemies of this caliber is nothing new for Aloy, who is aiming for a solitary quest, but who, against all odds, will be accompanied by other characters.

In comparison to the Zero Dawn version, there is a real consideration of the criticisms made by the players. The latter will certainly be entitled to gameplay that meets many of their expectations. Aloy’s journey on this version promises to be even more thrilling and harder than before.

Source: IGN

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