check out the latest crazy project from the creator of Bloodborne PSX

In the small world of amateur gaming, the only limits are those of the imagination, and it’s not Lilith Walther, alias b0tster, the creator of Bloodborne PSX, which proves the opposite. After releasing a small game that turned FromSoftware’s title into a very impressive PS1 game demo, this developer announced the development… Of a game of kartingalways taking place in the universe of this Bloodborne very old generation console style. An absurd idea, but which, we are not going to lie to each other, makes you want to…

Bloodborne Kart, because why not

For now, few specific details have been given about this curious project – its development just formalized has no end in sight for the moment. A first teaser has nevertheless been posted on Twitter, and the project will obviously take up the PS1 game-style graphics of the previous demake. We can already see the Hunter, riding his Grimpunk-style motorcycle, ready to roam the most infamous corners of Yharnam at full speed alongside Father Gascoigne and the other emblematic bosses of Bloodborne.

Alther has prepared a thread for those who would like to follow the development of this amateur game. There is already a first rudimentary video of gameplay, with a demonstration of the mechanics of drift which will be essential to be able to correctly engage the turns of the circuits. Another interesting piece of information: if each character in the cast has their own dedicated kart, the Hunter will be able to drive them all, without distinction. The output of Bloodborne Kart is planned ” when [le jeu] will be ready “only on PC.

It was last November that Walther released Bloodborne PSXthe famous demake of the game from 2016. This little demo offered to go through the first moments of Bloodborne in an imagined version of the title on the first PlayStation of the name, with the technical limitations of the time – including the famous texture-warping, emblematic of the Sony console. Bloodborne PSX is still available for free download from the website.

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