children’s novels to put at the foot of the tree

This year, amidst toys, consoles and other tech gems, what if you slip in a good old book? Children’s literature is full of little finds to introduce the youngest to reading or to satisfy their voracious imaginations.

What if this December 24 you donate books? Like every year at the same time, the puzzle of Christmas presents is emerging. We are racking our brains to please those around us, to end up buying yet another gift box which will end up in the back of a cupboard until the end of its validity period. This year, take a trip to the heart of the imagination of science fiction, fantasy and fantasy writers. Here is our selection of books to put at the foot of the tree, for young and old children.

Wonderpark by Fabrice Colin at PKJ

Who has never dreamed of traveling through time and space with the snap of a finger, of discovering a life far from modernity alongside pirates for example. This is exactly what offers Wonderpark, a children’s novel that explores the different literary genres through the prism of these characters.

When a new student arrives at school, young Mervin and Jenn are taken aback by this strange character. Named Orage, the young girl shows them an abandoned amusement park that was designed by her father. But hardly have they crossed the doors of this mysterious place, that their little sister Zoey disappears. The place is in fact magical and allows you to explore Libertad, the world of pirates, where treachery is an art and courage a necessity.

Due to its size and its narration, Fabrice Colin’s novel is aimed at a rather young audience. This first part is also an excellent way for little explorers to understand the mechanisms of reading, while discovering a fascinating story. Punctuated with illustrations, the story is accessible to everyone.

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Guardians of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger at PKJ

What to offer a Harry Potter fan who has already devoured JK Rowling’s novels several times? Shannon Messenger might have something that you might be interested in. With her saga, the writer explores a magical universe that is reminiscent of that of the little wizard with glasses. Populated by fantastic creatures and extraordinary beings, this fantastic adventure will delight fans of the genre whether young or old. The saga is so successful that Disney plans to adapt the first book to the cinema, from 2024. And then with no less than 9 volumes to its credit, the franchise has enough to occupy your long winter evenings.

The story follows the adventures of Sophie Foster, a young girl who since childhood has found herself different from ordinary people. She has a photographic memory and can hear the thoughts of others. While visiting a museum, she is approached by a strange boy. He teaches her that she is an elf and that she must abandon the human world to join the prestigious Foxfire Academy.

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The Crash and the Silence by Cory Anderson at PKJ

Teenagers too will have the right to their turner page this winter. Cory Anderson signs a teenage thriller that has nothing to envy of its adult counterparts. The plot follows Jack and Ava, two teenagers with crossed destinies who life has not spared. Since the death of their mother, Jack has to watch over his little brother. To avoid the orphanage, he must at all costs find the bag of banknotes that sent their father to prison. For her part, Ava is also looking for the bag, the only way for her to escape the grip of the drug lord who serves as her father.

Captivating, the story of these two teenagers mixes the codes of the drama with those of the thriller. It won’t leave you unscathed. Note that adults will also get hooked in the game and will love discovering the adventures of Jack and Ava. To savor under a blanket.

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The Labyrinth: the shore of the survivors by James Dashner at PKJ

73 years after the adventures of Thomas, the survival of the human species is threatened. On the island where the boulders have settled, a young blacksmith goes to La Pointe with his friends to dive from the top of the cliffs. There he discovers a wreck with lifeless bodies on board and a woman who jumps into the water to reach dry land at the risk of her life. Rescued by the group of friends, she explains to them that she was sent by the outside world to find them. Without them, it is impossible to develop a cure for the Ember, the deadly virus which decimates humanity.

The sequel to James Dashner’s best-selling saga, this new dystopian novel promises to explore the universe a little more alongside new characters and with a new plot. Humanity is far from out of the woods and readers will take pleasure in discovering the many twists and turns of this new chapter in the saga. The labyrinth.

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The Between Worlds by Sean Easley at PKJ

Pursued by a mysterious evil, the father of Cameron and Cassia entrusted them one winter evening to their grandmother, before disappearing from the face of the Earth. For any inheritance, he left them only two enigmatic pieces of wood with almost erased inscriptions. But, since he was twelve years old, the young Cameron has had strange dreams… Until the day when, in the shopping center of his district, behind the glass door of a small store, he stumbled upon a huge hall of hotel. There, amid the chandeliers, marble and sumptuous woodwork, the inscription is enthroned: ”Discover your destination! ”

This colorful and spooky tale will delight fans of the genre. This first part of a saga well set to last is a wonderful dive into the heart of an inventive universe. Sean Easley’s imagination seems to be limitless and that’s good for us. It is easily devoured and is aimed more at a young audience.

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