Christopher Gans is back at the controls of a new film!

Some were impatiently awaiting it: Silent Hill finally returns to the cinema with ” Return to Silent Hill “. The news is all the more awesome, because Christopher Gans is also back to directing. The latter was also pleased to present his new project on video: discover this very first teaser of Return to Silent Hill with Christopher Gans who tells us everything about the film.

New story, new protagonists

In the first two Silent Hill films (released in 2006 and 2012), we followed the journeys of young Sharon and her parents through the gloomy and desolate streets of Silent Hill. Well in the next installment, Christopher Gans has indicated that he’s a whole different character who will be living a waking nightmare in the ghost town. The story will thus follow a man whose beloved has disappeared in Silent Hill, he will try to find her at all costs. But is he really prepared for what awaits him?

A faithful adaptation to video games

With Return to Silent Hill, Christopher Gans wants to go back to basics. As he explains in the teaser, the film will give pride of place to psychological horror, like in video games. Get ready already to no longer know what is real and what is not. “Are we crazy? Are we sane? Are we sane to return to Silent Hill to find a lost love? » questioned Christopher Gans in the teaser.

Return to Silent Hill is expected in theaters next year. Fans are already eager to see what Christopher Gans has in store for them with this new film in the franchise.

Announcement of the film Return to Silent Hill by Christophe Gans (VOSTFR)

Source : Youtube

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