Chrome and Android’s password manager is getting better, here’s how

Google is rolling out an update to its password manager on Chrome and Android. The tech giant announced this update to make the user experience easier. While adding even stronger protections.

Android chrome password

As the holidays approach, Google obviously has a taste for new things. All of its services (or almost) go there: the American giant, for example, recently offered a new interface for downloads to its Chrome browser, while its Gmail messaging service has nicely changed its look with Material You. Now it’s the turn of the password manager of the company to go through the box makeover.

Google is thus offering a major update to its password management service. With this improved version, we benefit from a unified and simplified tool, both on Google Chrome and Android.

Google improves its password manager on Chrome and Android

Good news then, since the new password manager now benefits from a single interface, whether on Chrome or Android. Furthermore, it is now able to automatically group multiple passwords for the same sites or apps.

Another novelty: a shortcut on the Android home screen has also been added and allowsaccess passwords much faster with just a touch. Also in the box of novelties, Google has implemented a functionality related to the password to Chrome on iOS. Now, you can create strong passwords when you choose Chrome as your autofill tool.

On Android, the update allows you to report weak or reused passwords, while helping the user to modify them automatically. Knowing that Chrome users on all platforms will see compromised password warnings.

Finally, Google is also launching Touch-to-Login on Android, which succeeds Tout-to-Fill. Not only can this tool fill in fields automatically, but it also allows you to log into your account immediately.

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