Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2

ChromeOS can now open more archives (ISO, 7z, tar)

Google is improving its Chrome OS operating system, with the ability to open new archive formats, including ISO, 7z and tar. It’s available now.

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2

The ISO format refers to a disk image. It is still used today for CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays when they are transferred to a computer. Now, Chromebooks (which, by definition, run on Chrome OS) now know how to open this type of format. However, it is worth noting that ISO UDFs (notably used by Blu-rays) are not supported by Google’s operating system.

For its part, the 7z format is related to the archives created by the 7-Zip software. It is now possible to open them on your Chromebook in order to have access to the list of files and extract them.

Another support is for CRX format files. These are extensions for Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers. This support should not have been very complicated for Google since CRX files are the equivalent of an archive in ZIP format.

Finally, tar archives are now supported by ChromeOS. This format has existed since 1979 and is sometimes used on the Linux and macOS side. If a Chrome OS user needs to open one for some reason, they can now.

Google plans to support other archive formats in Chrome OS with the August update. Here are the next supported formats:

  • tar.gz
  • tgz
  • gz
  • tar.bz2
  • tbz2
  • tbz
  • tb2
  • tz2
  • bz2
  • bz
  • tar.xz
  • txz
  • xz
  • tar.lz
  • tlz
  • lz
  • tar.lzma
  • tlzma
  • lzma
  • tar.zst
  • tzst
  • zst
  • tar.Z
  • taZ
  • tZ, Z

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