Chromosomes in animals are said to be 600 million years old

The reconstruction of the story of different living beings has prompted scientists to study the genome of animals extinct and still existing. Recently, a group of biologists discovered new facts about the chromosomes of animal origin. According to these researchers, the diversity of animal species is only the result of mixing between genes present in them.

In reality, these researchers confirmed that the news species animals have the same genes that existed long before them. In addition, they add that the chromosomal evolution, once it is launched cannot know regression to return to a form anterior.

Many specialists have looked into the question of animal diversity. However, credit for these findings goes to the scientists of the University of Vienna Directed by Oleg Simakov and of the University of California.

Chromosomal combinations as a source of animal diversity

Indeed, according to researchers, each animal species would have almost the same chromosomal units that appear from 600 million of years. Although these chromosomal elements remain constant during evolution, they can mix in different ways. Moreover, these scientists succeeded in classifying these combinations and to deduce simple formulas mathematics.

Until then, the studies only allowed to determine the number of chromosomes of an animal, but not which ones. exactly nor their history scalable. However, today it is possible to go much further far.

“So now, for example, we can break down each human chromosome into its elements using algebraic notation. Then we deduce what happened to these primordial elements in different species and genera such as corals, molluscs, birds and many others. »

Oleg Simakov

A possible backtracking?

Surprisingly, studies have shown that Genoa never return to their original state once mixed to form a new chromosome.

“Such events are irreversible in evolution and each group of animals (from corals to humans) has such unique combinations that will forever distinguish the descendants of these groups and distinguish these groups from others. »


Finally, these researchers have also proven that many elements have evolved only in all first animals. The question is why the chromosomal elements are so well preservedand the role that the mixture of elements could play in evolution.


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