Cloud backup and multi-account finally arrive

The Oculus Quest is entitled to a well-deserved update. On the program: cloud backup and “multi-user”, two eagerly awaited functions.

Facebook – or rather Meta – will roll out a new update for its Quest line of VR headsets. On the program: cloud backups, multi-user support and a mixed reality mode.

Nothing very original on the cloud backup side; As the name suggests, this feature will save app preferences, headset options, and game saves directly to the cloud. A very practical feature for the rare users who switch between several headsets, but especially for those who would like to change device.

To benefit from this feature, The Verge explains that you just have to go to the tab “Device” from the settings menu. This should include a new option to enable cloud backup. Note that this system is fully automatic; According to UploadVR, it will be enabled by default, and developers won’t even need to manually integrate it into their apps.

A highly anticipated “multi-user” mode

Meta has also announced the arrival of a “multi-user” mode, which leaves the beta version to become a real feature in its own right. As the name suggests, this feature allows multiple users of the same device, such as members of the same family, to share games without having to use the same account. Unfortunately, this always involves logging in with your Facebook account; an obligation as painful as ever and quite simply prohibitive for many RVers.

From a strictly practical point of view, the “mixed reality” feature seems the least interesting. It allows you to see yourself playing in the third person. And at first glance, it looks like a real torture session for your inner ear … while being completely unnecessary? We’ll let you be the judge.

For those interested in the concept, Meta explains that around ten games are supported today. This includes famous titles like Beat saber Where SuperhotVR. To benefit from it, however, it will be necessary to be equipped with the only compatible device, namely an iPhone XS or newer equipped with iOS 11 or higher.

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