Cloud gaming will arrive on Samsung TVs this year

Cloud gaming will arrive on Samsung TVs this year

There will be a lot of change for televisions Samsung This year. During the CES show currently taking place in the United States, the Korean firm unveiled its Samsung Gaming Hub, an interface providing access to cloud gaming gaming applications. Intended for a selection of new models planned for this year, the Samsung Gaming Hub will allow you to play video games without having to go through a console or a PC.

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Stadia and GeForce Now in the saddle

It is not yet known which television models are first equipped with the Samsung Gaming Hub — it will be a while before we find out the list of affected devices. This hub specially dedicated to video games will allow you to download three different cloud gaming applications: Google Stadia, NVIDIA GeForce Now, and Utomik. If the first two no longer need to be presented, Utomik plays in a completely different court and offers a catalog accessible by subscription more restricted of independent games. Players will also be able to view their game history, but also purchase new titles from a dedicated sales page.

Thus, it will be possible to connect its controllers directly to the television to take advantage of these new applications. For now, only Xbox and PlayStation controllers are advertised as compatible with televisions equipped with the Samsung Gaming Hub. Home consoles will not be left out, and Samsung confirms that its Gaming Hub will also offer new features for devices connected to HDMI, as specified by The Verge site.

Xbox with absent subscribers

One notable missing from this presentation is Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming service. If the Richmond firm is capitalizing more than ever on its subscription service to promote the Xbox ecosystem, the promise of xCloud is still confined to home consoles, mobile devices and PCs for the existing one. Microsoft has however confirmed its ambition to offer access to its catalog of cloud gaming on television with a dedicated application — and even a stream dongle to be plugged into USB — during last E3, but no concrete date n ‘has been announced for the moment.

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