Coca-Cola is launching a new soda flavored with dreams!

What flavor can a dream have? No one knows of course, except Coca-Cola! The brand will indeed launch a soda with a dreamy good taste… It remains to be seen what is hidden inside!

Coca-Cola does not lack imagination. The company launched last February a platform for the craziest innovations, Coca-Cola Creations. It has already announced two sodas with new flavors, Starlight “space flavor” and Byte “pixel taste”! Drinks marketed in limited edition.

Original sodas that make people talk

The new model is sure to amaze big soda drinkers, since the Coca-Cola Dreamworld has the flavor of dreams. ” We wanted to create a dream-inspired drink reminiscent of Coca-Cola, but with ingredients that bring the playfulness and brightness of dreams to life. “, Details a spokesperson. Explanations that do not advance us much…

You will have to buy a bottle to know the flavor of dreams, “ inspired by the world of dreams in Technicolor that adds a touch of vibrant flavors to the taste of Coca-Cola “, concludes the representative of the company. This is for the brand to talk about it, which is also successful.

Coca-Cola Creations also launched this summer another drink with a strawberry and watermelon flavor, imagined in collaboration with DJ Marshmello. This is the first time the brand has worked with an artist. And it may not be the last time.

The launch of Dreamworld is accompanied by an online experience: QR codes present on the bottles can be scanned with a smartphone to display games and listen to music in augmented reality. The drink is available in the United States and Canada starting today, for a limited time.

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