Cocaine in the penis is (still) a bad idea

A man was admitted to the emergency room after injecting cocaine directly into his penis. Spoiler, that probably wasn’t the best thing to do.

Inserting foreign bodies into the penis is rarely a good idea. A few weeks ago, a Briton was admitted to the emergency room for accidentally injecting expanding foam into his urethra. An unfortunate exercise, but which does not seem to discourage some unconscious people.

A few weeks ago in the United States, a man showed up at an emergency center in the Bronx, New York. At 35, the patient complained of increasing pain in the penis and scrotum. After a genital examination, doctors finally discovered a penile tissue necrosiscoupled with an ulcer along the shaft.

After having excluded the possibility of a venereal infection, the diagnosis finally fell: three days before his hospitalization, the man had had the good idea to inject cocaine directly into the dorsal vein of his penis. A lifelong user, he confessed to damaging most of his prick points, before finally settling on his penis.

Despite doctors’ recommendations for removal of necrotic tissue, the patient eventually received broad-spectrum antibiotic treatment, which helped contain the infection. However, he refused to be treated by a drug treatment program.

Remember that for drugs as for any other substance, it is dangerous to introduce foreign bodies into a penis – this obviously also applies to a vagina, and almost any orifice. In addition to risking an embarrassing stay in the emergency room, there are many risks of infections and medical complicationswhich can cause irreversible or even fatal damage.

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