Coffee has an unexpected effect on our shopping behaviors, and here’s how!

The consumption of caffeinated beverages has now become a practice rooted in everyday life. Coffee is not the most consumed drink in the world. That said, it figures in a good position in our consumption habits, including in France. Indeed, nearly 90% of French people consume it at least once a day in different formsfor an average consumption of about 5.5 kg per year.

But did you know that the consumption of coffee, more precisely of caffeine, affects our purchasing behavior?


This was revealed by the results of a recent study. According to the researchers who have studied the phenomenon, the impulse purchases, but also non-essential purchases find their origin in part in our consumption of coffee and caffeinated drinks.

50% more spending for coffee lovers

As part of this study carried out in France and Spain, the researchers looked at the spending and in-store behavior of more than 300 consumers. For this experiment, when they entered a store, a caffeinated drink, another decaffeinated, as well as still water were thus offered to the latter. The researchers then collected their receipts at the exit of the store.

After analyzing the results, the researchers found that customers who opted for a caffeinated drink during the experiment spent about 50% more money and bought almost 30% more items than those who chose deca or water. The results also show the purchase of non-essential products.

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To explain this phenomenon, according to the researchers, “caffeine, as a powerful stimulant, releases dopamine in the brain, which excites the mind and body. This leads to a higher energy state, which in turn improves impulsivity and decreases self-control.” Which was likely reflected in the buying behavior of customers who participated in this experiment.

Like what, if you’re in the mood a little spendthrift, or the money burns your fingers, the culprit may well be in your cup. Especially if you plan to go shopping.


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