Coinbase error made users miliadadic

Coinbase error made users miliadadic

Coinbase was the victim of a computer bug making several of its users believe they were billionaires.

There are moments that we necessarily remember in our life. The bug that hit Coinbase yesterday will surely be one of those times for a few users who have been lucky or unlucky to be a billionaire, but only for a few moments. According to the website, it was a “display problem” in the app that changed the balances of countless customers.

The latter then became billionaires. But this madness only lasted a few minutes, and it was just a display error, not an incredible fluke. As Coinbase pointed out in a Twitter post, no real accounts were affected by the issue, unfortunately for users.

A simple display bug without consequences

We are aware that some customers are seeing inflated values ​​for non-tradable crypto assets on and Coinbase Wallet “, Declared the website in its press release. Despite the doubts of many users, this has no impact on the trading of different cryptocurrencies.

But during the hazy moment between the onset of virtual inflation in user accounts and Coinbase’s statement, Twitter got carried away. Hundreds of people then took to the social network, their hearts filled with hope in front of a nine-figure account. A euphoria in spite of everything of short duration for them.

A new crypto boom?

While the price of cryptocurrencies is extremely volatile, the huge movements in just a few minutes may have alerted many users, but others have fallen into the trap, thinking they are witnessing another boom in cryptos. As a reminder, last October, the digital currency Shiba Inu saw its price soar by 60,000 0000%.

Some Coinbase customers therefore believed they had found themselves unwillingly in a new positive spiral, leading them directly to wealth. But the vast majority of Coinbase users, while they were also affected by the surge in values, they quickly realized that something was wrong. They did not pay much attention to the movements of cryptocurrencies, the latter being false because of the display bug.

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