components for the iPad will end up in the iPhone 13

components for the iPad will end up in the iPhone 13

Apple will do everything to sell a maximum of iPhone 13 at the end of the year, even if it means reducing iPad production. Components intended for tablets would end up in smartphones …

The iPhone and the iPad sharing a number of components in common, Apple has decided to disadvantage the tablet for the benefit of the smartphone, explains Nikkei Asia. The site, which is generally well informed, indicates that the manufacturer has cut production of the iPad by half, the components planned for these tablets are now intended for the iPhone.

No way to miss the holidays

In addition, components planned for older iPhone models still on sale would also have been redirected to the production lines of the latest generation of the smartphone. Apple wants to put all the chances on its side to meet as much as possible the demand which, like every year, is very important before Christmas.

Like other manufacturers, Apple is affected by the global semiconductor shortage which has cost it $ 6 billion in sales that could not be achieved in the third quarter. However, there is no question of missing the turn of Christmas for the iPhone which still weighs very heavily in the accounts of the company, in particular the models which have just been released.

And too bad for the iPad, whose sales have continued to increase since the outbreak of the health crisis, and which was still on an upward slope in recent months. Apple prefers to sacrifice the tablet which, in any case, remains firmly in the first place in this market. According to the latest IDC figures, Apple shipped more than 40 million iPads in the first nine months of the year, almost 18% better than in 2020.

This is not the first time that Apple has favored its range of smartphones. Already last year, the manufacturer had allocated components normally dedicated to the iPad for the iPhone 12. The group has planned a last quarter of fire for its sales, but the component crisis may spoil the party a little.

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