computers can also be foldable

Asus is an innovative brand in the IT world. With the Zenbook Fold, the firm offers a product never seen before.

The world of new technologies had already suffered an innovation earthquake a few years ago when Samsung introduced the first folding smartphone. The latter is now a product available in two versions, with the Fold and the Flip, which fold in two different directions. If, since Samsung’s launches, many telephone manufacturers have also entered this market.

But while plans for folding phones with two or even three screens are hardly surprising today. There are even rumors that Apple is considering making a folding iPhone. Nothing was ever designed when it comes to computers. So when the small world of tech discovered the latest Zenbook from Asus, the shock was immense.

First folding computer in history

This edition of CES was already off to a good start with the launch of Samsung’s latest smartphone, the S21 FE, but things don’t end there. During its event, named Incredible Unfolds, Asus has decided to launch a completely new kind of product. The Taiwanese brand presented the very first folding computer in history: the Zenbook Fold 17 OLED.

As the name suggests, the computer measures 17.3 inches diagonally with an OLED display. This huge single slab is a true feat of engineering. When folded, the computer offers two 12.5-inch OLED displays with a screen resolution of 1980 × 1080 pixels. With this large computer, Asus offers a Bluetooth keyboard with trackpad, for all the comfort of physical keys, while having the possibility of putting the computer screen at a good distance from its wireless keyboard.

4000 € to enter the future

Regarding the technical characteristics of the computer, Asus has decided to keep it simple, and to equip its product with the best on the market. It has indeed trusted Intel for the processor with a 12th generation chip. The product also features Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos technologies.

Despite an announcement made at the start of 2022, Asus has already declared that its revolutionary computer will not be available until the middle of the year. As for the price, Asus will sell its Zenbook Fold from € 3,999.

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