construction will be disabled for the next season

There’s gonna be change coming in Fortnite… And not the least: the battle royale number 1 of playgrounds has unveiled the novelties to come for its new season of content launched yesterday morning, and they are likely to upset the habits of trigger experts as well as Sunday players.

For ” Rebellion“, the second season of Chapter 3, Fortnite will simply disable the ability to build in-game, a gameplay alteration that is likely to make waves within the gaming community.

Building permit refused for Fortnite

It’s a funny bet that Epic Games is undertaking with the new season of content for its flagship game Fortnite. The next few months will thus put aside the whole construction aspect of the game, an essential part of the meta of the title which is found, logically, turned upside down. Totally deactivated from the standard game mode, construction will nevertheless remain available in the competitive and arena modes of Fortnite.

There is, as always, an explanation for all these changes: Dr. Slone did something with a weapon, and uh, the Marvel characters arrived, and then poof? Well, in real life we ​​have not understood everything, but we imagine that experts in Fortnite lore will have no trouble following what is happening in this little virtual microcosm.

Who says more construction says in-depth change to the basic gameplay mechanics with the introduction of a protective overshield on top of the base shield and the player’s health, for lack of being able to erect a barricade to parry bullet shots . The speed of movement will also be increased, like that of the sprint, to compensate for the priest in important transversality.

Finally, it will be possible to play elbow grease with the new climbing mechanics: clearly, game avatars will be able to cling to the edges of a building if their jump does not allow them to put both feet down. firm on the ground. As usual in the game, this new season will see the arrival of new characters, including Doctor Strange from the Marvel universe as the headliner. Chapter 3 Season 2 should last until at least June.

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